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Utopia in Zion
Utopia in Zion (July 1995)
The Israeli Experience with Worker Cooperatives
Raymond Russell - Author

A historical, sociological, and economic analysis of urban worker cooperatives in contemporary Israel.
Although less famous than Israel's cooperative agricultural settlements, the kibbutzim and moshavim, Israeli urban worker cooperatives have an equally long and rich history. Well over a thousand such organizations have been established in what is now Israel since early in this century. This book provides a historical, social, and econo...(Read More)
Sharing Ownership in the Workplace
Sharing Ownership in the Workplace (June 1985)
Raymond Russell - Author

Employee ownership is the fastest growing organizational trend in American business. Instances of workers buying out closing plants, unions granting wage concessions in exchange for an employer’s stock, and corporations using employee stock ownership as a defense against takeovers are occurring more frequently. But is the movement toward employee ownership a significant new trend or a repetition of past mistakes?

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