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The History of al-Tabari Vol. 15
The History of al-Tabari Vol. 15 (March 1990)
The Crisis of the Early Caliphate: The Reign of 'Uthman A.D. 644-656/A.H. 24-35
R. Stephen Humphreys - Translator

Before the caliphate of the 'Uthman b. 'Affan, the Muslim community had grown from strength to strength in spite of a series of major crises--the Hirah, the death of the Prophet, the Riddah wars, the assassination of 'Umar by a Persian slave. But 'Uthman's reign ended in catastrophe. His inability to manage the social and political conflicts that were now emerging among various factions within the community led to his death at the hands of Muslim re...(Read More)
From Saladin to the Mongols
From Saladin to the Mongols (June 1977)
The Ayyubids of Damascus, 1193-1260
R. Stephen Humphreys - Author

Upon the death of Saladin in 1193, his vast empire, stretching from the Yemen to the upper reaches of the Tigris, fell into the hands of his Ayyubid kinsmen. These latter parceled his domains into a number of autonomous principalities, though some common identity was maintained by linking these petty states into a loose confederation, in which each local prince owed allegiance to the senior member of the Ayyubid house. Such an arrangement was, of ...(Read More)
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