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Hegel and Right
Hegel and Right (August 2018)
A Study of the Philosophy of Right
Philip J. Kain - Author

An especially accessible introduction to Hegel’s moral and political philosophy.

In this book, Philip J. Kain introduces Hegel’s Philosophy of Right by focusing on disagreements, both with standard interpretations of his work and with Hegel himself. Arguing that Hegel’s justification for punishment ultimately fails, Kain shows how this failure brings into focus the inherent difficulties in justifying pun...(Read More)
Hegel and the Other
Hegel and the Other (July 2005)
A Study of the Phenomenology of Spirit
Philip J. Kain - Author

A new, highly accessible commentary on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.

This volume by Philip J. Kain is one of the most accessibly written books on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit available. Avoiding technical jargon without diluting Hegel's thought, Kain shows the Phenomenology responding to Kant in far more places than are usually recognized. This perspective makes Hegel's text easier to understand. K...(Read More)
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