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Shared Obliviousness in Family Systems
Shared Obliviousness in Family Systems (July 2009)
Paul C. Rosenblatt - Author

Introduces the concept of obliviousness to the consideration of family systems—what do families choose to ignore and why and how they do so.

The modern family is inundated with information and no family can attend to it all; families must set priorities and remain oblivious to much. Obliviousness is the intriguing subject of Paul C. Rosenblatt’s speculative and theoretical work. The hidden undersides o...(Read More)

Two in a Bed
Two in a Bed (July 2006)
The Social System of Couple Bed Sharing
Paul C. Rosenblatt - Author

A fascinating look at the social experience of sharing a bed with another person.

Millions of adults sleep with another adult, but what does it mean to share a bed with someone else, and how does it affect a couple’s relationship? What happens when one partner snores? Steals the sheets? Prefers to sleep in the nude? To address these and other questions, Paul C. Rosenblatt asked couples to describ...(Read More)
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