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Cultures of Order
Cultures of Order (October 2007)
Leadership, Language, and Social Reconstruction in Germany and Japan
Katja Weber - Author
Paul A. Kowert - Author

Examines postwar debates within Germany and Japan over how to promote domestic and regional order.

Cultures of Order explores how Germany and Japan each struggled to define an appropriate role for themselves in the postwar international order. In Germany, proponents of institutional constraint fought and generally prevailed over those who stressed national rights. This pattern continued even as Germany achie...(Read More)
Groupthink or Deadlock
Groupthink or Deadlock (January 2002)
When Do Leaders Learn from Their Advisors?
Paul A. Kowert - Author

Argues that too much advice can lead to policy deadlock depending on leadership style.
The danger of groupthink is now standard fare in leadership training programs and a widely accepted explanation, among political scientists, for policy-making fiascoes. Efforts to avoid groupthink, however, can lead to an even more serious problem—deadlock. Groupthink or Deadlock explores these dual problems in the Eisenhower and Reagan admi...(Read More)
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