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Philosophy at the Boundary of Reason
Philosophy at the Boundary of Reason (December 2000)
Ethics and Postmodernity
Patrick L. Bourgeois - Author

Using Ricoeur's ethicomoral position, advances an alternative, more viable ethics than that of deconstruction.

In Philosophy at the Boundary of Reason, Patrick Bourgeois clarifies that, although deconstruction has much to offer contemporary thinking, it has gone to some philosophical extremes. Taking a cue from this thinking, Bourgeois develops an alternative direction of thought, turning to the position ...(Read More)
Mead and Merleau-Ponty
Mead and Merleau-Ponty (October 1991)
Toward A Common Vision
Sandra B. Rosenthal - Author
Patrick L. Bourgeois - Author

"The authors delineate the distinctive strengths of Mead the pragmatist and Merleau-Ponty the existential phenomenologist and then trace the ways in which they mutually reinforce each other. Through this technique in chapter after chapter they analyze important points in the philosophy of the two thinkers in new and fruitful fashion."--Lewis E. Hahn, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

"This is certainly a pro...(Read More)
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