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Women Leading In Education
Women Leading In Education (November 1994)
Diane M. Dunlap - Editor
Patricia A. Schmuck - Editor

"This book is a remarkable and much needed volume that documents and celebrates women's experiences in educational leadership. The volume is much more than a collection of women's voices: it is a wonderful chorus. The voices are consistently clear, caring, illuminating, and feminist. Men and women who read this will have a better understanding of women's experiences of leading in education and an increased appreciation for those experiences. Further...(Read More)
Women Educators
Women Educators (July 1987)
Employees of Schools in Western World Countries
Patricia A. Schmuck - Editor

In all western countries, women have made lasting and significant contributions to the educational enterprise. Despite this, most books on schools overlook and ignore these contributions. The twelve chapters in this groundbreaking volume demonstrate that gender structuring in the schools is an international phenomenon.

The first volume to focus cross-culturally on women educational professionals, this book brings together the voices and obs...(Read More)
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