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Higher Education Systems Redesigned
Higher Education Systems Redesigned (April 2022)
From Perpetuation to Innovation to Student Success
Jonathan S. Gagliardi - Editor
Jason E. Lane - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Preface by

Brings together scholars and higher education system leaders to highlight concrete examples of system change and realignment to advance student success.

Long an afterthought of the American higher education ecosystem, multi-campus systems have become more important than ever. In recent years, leading higher education systems have engaged in transforming the way they work, scaling b...(Read More)
Sixty-Four Campuses—One University
Sixty-Four Campuses—One University (October 2017)
The Story of SUNY
W. Bruce Leslie - Author
Kenneth P. O'Brien - Author
Kimberly Schutte - With
Nancy L. Zimpher - Foreword by

Handsome, fully illustrated history of the sixty-four State University of New York campuses.
America’s public higher education systems are one of the triumphs of post–World War II society, the workhorses of a truly American invention—mass higher education—that has spread throughout the world. As the largest comprehensive public university system in the country, the State University of New York has played a critical role in that ...(Read More)
Higher Education Reconsidered
Higher Education Reconsidered (November 2015)
Executing Change to Drive Collective Impact
Jason E. Lane - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Foreword by

Focuses on the opportunities and challenges of using the science of change to improve the academic enterprise.

This is not another book about why higher education needs to change. This volume is about how to facilitate change. What could higher education achieve if varied stakeholders decided to work together to accomplish a shared vision by using data and scaling up evidence-based interventions? The contributo...(Read More)
Striving Together
Striving Together (November 2014)
Early Lessons in Achieving Collective Impact in Education
Jeff Edmondson - Author
Nancy L. Zimpher - Author
Ben Hecht - Foreword by

Chronicles the development of a framework for collective impact in education through the perspectives of its founders and lessons learned from pioneering sites.

In 2006, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky had been suffering from many of the same challenges facing metro regions across the country. Despite significant investments in education from the public and private sectors, outcomes were alarming: Kindergarten r...(Read More)
Building a Smarter University
Building a Smarter University (October 2014)
Big Data, Innovation, and Analytics
Jason E. Lane - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Foreword by

Demonstrates how universities can use Big Data to enhance operations and management, improve the education pipeline, and educate the next generation of data scientists.

The Big Data movement and the renewed focus on data analytics are transforming everything from healthcare delivery systems to the way cities deliver services to residents. Now is the time to examine how this Big Data could help build smarter univer...(Read More)
Universities and Colleges as Economic Drivers
Universities and Colleges as Economic Drivers (November 2012)
Measuring Higher Education's Role in Economic Development
Jason E. Lane - Editor
D. Bruce Johnstone - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Foreword by

A comprehensive examination of the relationship between higher education, state government, and economic development.

Local, state, and national economies are facing unprecedented levels of international competition. The current fiscal crisis has hampered the ability of many governments in the developed world to directly facilitate economic growth. At the same time, many governments in the developing world are ...(Read More)
Higher Education and International Student Mobility in the Global Knowledge Economy
Higher Education and International Student Mobility in the Global Knowledge Economy (May 2011)
Revised and Updated Second Edition
Kemal Gürüz - Author
Nancy L. Zimpher - Foreword by

Second, updated edition of a landmark study of how the international mobility of students, scholars, programs, and institutions of higher education have evolved over time, and the ways in which it is occurring in today’s global knowledge economy.

Students and scholars leaving their homes in search of education and knowledge is not a new phenomenon. An indispensable resource for understanding the internatio...(Read More)
SUNY at Sixty
SUNY at Sixty (February 2010)
The Promise of the State University of New York
John B. Clark - Editor
W. Bruce Leslie - Editor
Kenneth P. O'Brien - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Foreword by

A close examination of the history, accomplishments, and potential of the State University of New York system.

The State University of New York is America’s largest comprehensive public university system, with sixty-four campuses, including community colleges, colleges of technology, university colleges, research universities, medical schools, academic medical  centers, and specialized campuses in field...(Read More)
Profiles of Preservice Teacher Education
Profiles of Preservice Teacher Education (March 1989)
Inquiry into the Nature of Programs
Kenneth R. Howey - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Editor

The authors allow students and faculty to speak in their own voices to tell the story of how teachers are prepared for their important roles as educators of the nation's children. This book provides in-depth, personal descriptions of how elementary teachers are prepared in six diverse schools and colleges of education, ranging from the program in a small liberal arts college to those embedded in major research-oriented universities. The richly wov...(Read More)
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