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Since 1948
Since 1948 (September 2020)
Israeli Literature in the Making
Nancy E. Berg - Editor
Naomi B. Sokoloff - Editor

A portrait of Israeli literature in its full transnational and multilingual complexity.

Toward the end of the twentieth century, an unprecedented surge of writing altered the Israeli literary scene in profound ways. As fresh creative voices and multiple languages vied for recognition, diversity replaced consensus. Genres once accorded lower status—such as the graphic novel and scie...(Read More)
Exile from Exile
Exile from Exile (July 1996)
Israeli Writers from Iraq
Nancy E. Berg - Author

"The topic of this book is significant as both a study of the psychological and literary problems faced by the 'exiled' of emigrewriters and their roles within the context of Israeli literature. It is by far the most comprehensive and profound treatment of this subject." --Spicehandler, Hebrew Union College

The standard histories of Israeli literature limit the canon, virtually ignoring those who came to Israel from Jewish comm...(Read More)
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