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Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors (February 2000)
Teachers and the Role of the Teachers' Lounge
Miriam Ben-Peretz - Author
Shifra Schonmann - Author
Philip W. Jackson - Foreword by

Provides insights into an uncharted territory in the educational environment of schools--the teachers' lounge.

What happens behind the closed doors of the teachers' lounge? Does the lounge provide more than a place to rest and maybe drink a cup of coffee between classes?
Behind Closed Doors examines the teachers' lounge as a site for the development of communal knowledge. While the book discusses an extensive qualitative stu...(Read More)
Learning from Experience
Learning from Experience (February 1995)
Memory and the Teacher's Account of Teaching
Miriam Ben-Peretz - Author

This book is about the development of teachers'professional knowledge.
"I was intrigued by the author's bringing important research outside of education (memory research and script theory) to bear on the experience of teachers, which I think is important to the field of education." -- Mary E. Diez, Alverno College
This book explores several aspects of learning from experience as reported by retired teachers: the nature of teachers'...(Read More)
The Teacher-Curriculum Encounter
The Teacher-Curriculum Encounter (December 1990)
Freeing Teachers from the Tyranny of Texts
Miriam Ben-Peretz - Author

In this ground-breaking book the author analyzes the roles and functions of teachers as they use and construct curriculum materials. She presents a conceptual framework for interpreting different kinds of materials, for planning instructional settings based on these interpretations, and provides teachers with concepts and strategies that will enable them to use curriculum materials professionally and flexibly. The book addresses the need for more ...(Read More)
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