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Latino Dropouts in Rural America
Latino Dropouts in Rural America (March 2008)
Realities and Possibilities
Carolyn Hondo - Author
Mary E. Gardiner - Author
Yolanda Sapien - Author

Latino high school students in rural communities talk about dropping out of school.

This book affords Latino high school dropouts from rural communities in Idaho the opportunity to tell their stories in their own words. It candidly reveals students’ school experiences, explores why students leave school, and looks at the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act (2001). Four of the nine students interviewed for t...(Read More)
Coloring outside the Lines
Coloring outside the Lines (June 2000)
Mentoring Women into School Leadership
Mary E. Gardiner - Author
Ernestine Enomoto - Author
Margaret Grogan - Author

Presents new practices and ideas for mentoring women for school leadership positions.

Coloring outside the Lines
critically looks at mentoring from the perspective of women who have been historically marginalized in school leadership, and grounds itself in a variety of experiences, including those of women school leaders of color. Using a feminist poststructuralist framework, the authors deconstruct the mentoring of wome...(Read More)
Parent-School Collaboration
Parent-School Collaboration (February 1996)
Feminist Organizational Structures and School Leadership
Mary E. Gardiner - Author

Examines in close detail public schools' relationships with their parents and communities.

"For female educators, and for women in general, the narratives and vignettes throughout the book generate a feeling of liberation because they are infused with empathy, validation, and affirmation. What more can we ask? I think you have a winner here." -- Dr. Gisela Ernst, Washington State University

Mary ...(Read More)
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