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Belief and Its Neutralization
Belief and Its Neutralization (February 2002)
Husserl's System of Phenomenology in Ideas I
Marcus Brainard - Author

The definitive commentary on Husserl's Ideas I.

Presenting the first step-by-step commentary on Husserl's Ideas I, Marcus Brainard's Belief and Its Neutralization provides an introduction not only to this central work, but also to the whole of transcendental phenomenology. Brainard offers a clear and lively account of each key element in Ideas I, along with a novel reading of Husse...(Read More)
Seditions (June 1997)
Heidegger and the Limit of Modernity
Heribert Boeder - Author
Marcus Brainard - Editor, translator and introduction by

"The most important philosophical thinking since Heidegger is the work of Heribert Boeder. Like his teacher Heidegger, Boeder has devoted his life to a sustained rethinking of the history of philosophy with constant attention to the relation between philosophy's ancient beginnings and its present destitute condition. But what emerges from Boeder's study is a critical reassessment of Heidegger's reading of philosophy's beginnings and development that...(Read More)
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