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Beyond Romance
Beyond Romance (October 2001)
M. C. Dillon - Author

Critiques the predominant romantic ideal.

“In Beyond Romance, M.C. Dillon offers a passionate, intimate, and wide-ranging exploration into the nature of love and loving, and examines the central place of sexual love in the meaningfulness of our lives. As a distinguished philosopher in the phenomenological tradition, he indicts the pursuit of romantic love as an idealized illusion that is ultimately blind to ...(Read More)
Semiological Reductionism
Semiological Reductionism (July 1995)
A Critique of the Deconstructionist Movement in Postmodern Thought
M. C. Dillon - Author

This critical interpretation shows Derridian thought to be permeated by a semiology that reduces all meaning to the signification of signs thus challenging the philosophy of deconstruction at its roots.

This book interprets Derrida and looks beyond deconstructionism. It is a critique that identifies a pervasive flaw in Derrida's thinking: the semiological reduction that permeates deconstructionist theory and postmoderni...(Read More)
Merleau-Ponty Vivant
Merleau-Ponty Vivant (August 1991)
M. C. Dillon - Editor

"The topic is extremely significant. In my view, the study can help to reorient continental philosophy, and also have some impact on Anglo-American thought. Dillon is to be congratulated for having assembled such a splendid collection of essays." -- Fred Dallmayr, University of Notre Dame

"I find this a very impressive set of essays, both in terms of their quality and their representational characteristics. A true (and valid)...(Read More)
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