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The Sociology of Spatial Inequality
The Sociology of Spatial Inequality (May 2007)
Linda M. Lobao - Editor
Gregory Hooks - Editor
Ann R. Tickamyer - Editor

2007 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

A sociological look at the role of space in inequality.

Sociologists have too often discounted the role of space in inequality. This book showcases a recent generation of inquiry that attends to poverty, prosperity, and power across a range of territories and their populations within the United States, addressing spatial inequality as a thematically d...(Read More)

Locality and Inequality
Locality and Inequality (October 1990)
Farm and Industry Structure and Socioeconomic Conditions
Linda M. Lobao - Author

This book explores how the recent restructuring of farming and industry has affected economic and social equality in the United States. The author explains how the farm sector has undergone a dramatic restructuring with profound effects. Moderate-size family farms, the mainstay of American agriculture, have declined during the postwar period and are now under severe financial stress. Large-scale industrialized farms -- "the factories in the fie...(Read More)
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