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Learning to Think Environmentally
Learning to Think Environmentally (January 1996)
While There Is Still Time
Lester W. Milbrath - Author

The survival of planet Earth's nourishing life systems ultimately depends on how we humans think about them. Unfortunately, our culture's assumptions about the way the world works ignore recent scientific understanding of life systems. This book explains the interdependency and delicate balance of biological, geological, and chemical systems as environmental scientists now understand them. It communicates a new way of thinking.

Written in eve...(Read More)
Envisioning a Sustainable Society
Envisioning a Sustainable Society (November 1989)
Learning Our Way Out
Lester W. Milbrath - Author

"As we approach the year 2000 it seems clear that the questions raised in this book will become increasingly prominent in public and political discourse. Already, public awareness of the danger posed by a global warming trend, depletion of the upper ozone layer, and acid precipitation (just to name the most obvious situations) is being heightened daily by media coverage. Realization of the nature of these problems will lead to a search for change....(Read More)
Environmentalists (June 1985)
Vanguard for a New Society
Lester W. Milbrath - Author

In a groundbreaking study, Lester Milbrath argues the need for a deep change in our belief structure. Environmentalists: Vanguard for a New Society describes a revolution in process. Basing his work on the views of modern environmentalists, Milbrath delineates a new social paradigm--a new understanding and revised values--to show how the world functions in a way different from what our institutions and culture presuppose. It is a book abo...(Read More)
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