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The Vine Remembers
The Vine Remembers (June 1985)
French Vignerons Recall Their Past
Leo A. Loubere - Editor
Jean Sagnes - Editor
Laura Frader - Editor
Remy Pech - Editor

In The Vine Remembers, the vignerons—growers and workers of the vine—tell their own stories. Based on interviews with workers and small vineyard owners, the book presents the memories of vignerons from six major wine-producing areas of France: the Bordelais, Burgundy, the Beaujolais, Champagne, Languedoc, and Roussillon. Recollections range from changing living conditions to the position of women and nat...(Read More)
The Red and the White
The Red and the White (June 1978)
The History of Wine in France and Italy in the Nineteenth Century
Leo A. Loubere - Author

The delight of Bacchus, wine has ever been man's solace and joy. Growing out of the poorest soil, the wild grape was tamed and blended over millennia to produce a royal beverage. But the nineteenth century brought a near revolution in the production of wine, and democracy in its consumption; technology made wine an industry, while improved living standards put it on the people's dinner table. The vintners of France and Italy frantically bought la...(Read More)
Radicalism in Mediterranean France
Radicalism in Mediterranean France (June 1974)
Its Rise and Decline, 1848-1914
Leo A. Loubere - Author

Exploring the geographic area of southern France that has been largely neglected by historians, this book attempts to identify the forces producing change. Concentrating on an analysis of the Radical movement and the wine industry, the author combines four approaches to the study: those of history, electoral sociology, quantitative analysis, and human geography.
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