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Reinterpreting the Political
Reinterpreting the Political (July 1998)
Continental Philosophy and Political Theory
Lenore Langsdorf - Editor
Stephen H. Watson - Editor
Karen A. Smith - Editor

Rereads classical figures in continental thought, takes up current topics in the legacy of political theory, and analyzes and evaluates Foucault's work as a prime manifestation of the complicated modern interface between truth and power, institution and liberation.

The task of reinterpretation arises from recognition, within continental philosophy, of a certain abandonment of political philosophy for historicism or a s...(Read More)
Phenomenology, Interpretation, and Community
Phenomenology, Interpretation, and Community (July 1996)
Lenore Langsdorf - Editor
Stephen H. Watson - Editor
E. Marya Bower - Editor

This collection examines the relationship between phenomenology, interpretation, and community, considering the issues from several viewpoints including German idealism, the discourses of the Frankfurt School, and post-structuralist thought.

This book re-examines the relationship between phenomenology, interpretation, and the problem of community, a topic that has been at the center of recent debates in Continental thou...(Read More)
Recovering Pragmatism's Voice
Recovering Pragmatism's Voice (December 1994)
The Classical Tradition, Rorty, and the Philosophy of Communication
Lenore Langsdorf - Editor
Andrew R. Smith - Editor

"This collection supplies us with a nicely balanced set of perspectives--neither dismissive nor adulatory. In the crush of contemporaneity, it's good to have the historical framework reconstructed. And the emphasis on communication creates valuable insight." -- Bruce Wilshire, Rutgers University

This book focuses on what pragmatism tells us about the nature and function of communication. Its goals are to recover a singular voice of pragmatism...(Read More)
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