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Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool (July 2018)
Poets and the Creative Process
Laurence Carr - Editor

Both an anthology and an informal textbook that features poetry and essays by twenty-five New York State poets.

Reflecting Pool is an innovative volume of poetry and essays by twenty-five New York State poets who teach the writing of poetry, run poetry workshops, and publish the poetry of others. The book is both a poetry anthology and an informal textbook, with contributing essays by each poet that offers the reader per...(Read More)
Threnodies (December 2016)
Poems in Remembrance
Laurence Carr - Author

Takes the reader on a journey through time and place, with stops along the way to visit Madame Curie, Charlie Parker, Scheherazade, Madame Bovary, Lee Harvey Oswald’s coffin, and God, among others.

Threnodies is a collection of poetry and prose poems that takes the reader on a journey through time and place. Some pieces conjure up distant memories; others reflect our shared experience. Along the wa...(Read More)
A Slant of Light
A Slant of Light (August 2013)
Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley
Laurence Carr - Editor
Jan Zlotnik Schmidt - Editor

FINALIST - 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Women’s Issues category

FINALIST - 2014 International Book Award in the Fiction: Women's Literature/Chick Lit category, presented by American Book Fest

2014 da Vinci Eye, presented by the Hopewell Publications

FINALIST - 2014 Beverly Hills International Book Award in the Anthology category

...(Read More)
Pancake Hollow Primer
Pancake Hollow Primer (May 2011)
A Hudson Valley Story
Laurence Carr - Author

2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the First Novel Category (under 8,000 words)

An insightful and often humorous tale of rural life and how an old house and its land can bring a broken person back to wellness.

Pancake Hollow Primer is the story of Gulf War vet and drifter Frank Closky who finds himself on a physical and spiritual journey after he inherits...(Read More)
The Wytheport Tales
The Wytheport Tales (August 2010)
Laurence Carr - Author

Sometimes angst-ridden, sometimes whimsical, sometimes meditative, these short “biographs” depict the life and times of a unique place and its haunting residents. The Wytheport Tales draws inspiration from a range of authors: Dante, Carroll, Joyce, Eliot, and Masters, as well as fantasists such as Cabell, Eddison, and MacDonald.

“In The Wytheport Tales, Laurence Carr observes&lsqu...(Read More)
WaterWrites (August 2010)
A Hudson River Anthology in Celebration of the Hudson 400
Laurence Carr - Editor
Joann Deiudicibus - Editor
Penny Freel - Editor
Rachel Rigolino - Editor

WaterWrites brings together the words of sixty contemporary Hudson Valley poets and authors who have been inspired by the Hudson River. Through these insightful poems, memoirs, and essays, the reader is taken on a voyage that explores a wide range of experiences, moods, and images that speaks of life on and near the Hudson. The volume traces the river’s seasonal journey through times both good and bad from its source at Tear in...(Read More)
Riverine (August 2010)
An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers
Laurence Carr - Editor

Riverine is a contemporary anthology of memoir, short fiction, and poetry by over seventy Hudson Valley writers.

The memoirs reflect Hudson Valley life along with life outside the United States. Intriguing short stories, both dark and light, explore a wide range of fictional characters. Microfiction (or flash fiction) brings the reader the razor-sharp genre of the short-short story and thought-provoking pro...(Read More)
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