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Getting Personal
Getting Personal (February 2018)
Teaching Personal Writing in the Digital Age
Laura Gray-Rosendale - Editor

Silver Medalist- 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Education (Commentary/Theory) category

Addresses how digital forms of personal writing can be most effectively used by teachers, students, and other community members.

At a time when Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Instagram, and other social media dominate our interactions with one another and with our world, the teaching of writing also necessarily ...(Read More)
College Girl
College Girl (June 2013)
A Memoir
Laura Gray-Rosendale - Author

GOLD MEDALIST - 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Autobiography/Memoir III (Personal Struggle / Health Issues) category

FINALIST  - 2013 May Sarton Memoir Award, presented by the Story Circle Network

Award-Winning Finalist in the Autobiography/Memoirs category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

2013 Northern Arizona’s Moun...(Read More)
Radical Relevance
Radical Relevance (January 2005)
Toward a Scholarship of the Whole Left
Laura Gray-Rosendale - Editor
Steven Rosendale - Editor

Exemplifies the struggles of scholars to work toward a more shared agenda for social change.

In an effort to rethink the left, this interdisciplinary collection weaves together some of today's most powerful voices in contemporary left critical thought as they examine the fragmentation of American movements for social change, evaluate what critical scholarship might contribute to the task of renewing (or creating) a mo...(Read More)
Fractured Feminisms
Fractured Feminisms (August 2003)
Rhetoric, Context, and Contestation
Laura Gray-Rosendale - Editor
Gil Harootunian - Editor

Crucial conversations about feminist theories and how they can fall apart, rupture, and fragment.

This advanced analysis of gender issues in higher education represents a significant new turn in feminist thinking. Fractured Feminisms resists and reshapes boundaries by investigating how gender studies' intersection with race and ethnicity, class, postcoloniality, sexuality, globalization, interdisciplinarity, tech...(Read More)
Alternative Rhetorics
Alternative Rhetorics (April 2001)
Challenges to the Rhetorical Tradition
Laura Gray-Rosendale - Editor
Sibylle Gruber - Editor

Challenges the traditional rhetorical canon.

Alternative Rhetorics questions traditional canons of rhetorical thought, and offers new perspectives on rhetorics historically overlooked within Western culture. Along with establishing new methodologies for investigating the history of rhetorics, the book also explores rhetoric's changing relationship with technology. By challenging the reader's understanding of rhe...(Read More)
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