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Andrew Lyght
Andrew Lyght (February 2016)
Full Circle
L. H. Roper - Author and editor
Andrew Lyght - Author
Karwan Fatah-Black - Author
Carl E. Hazlewood - Author
Bram Hoonhout - Author
Renata Karlin - Author
Tumelo Mosaka - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Barbara Rose - Author
Artemis Zenetou - Author

Documents the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art’s exhibition of work by Guyana-born contemporary artist Andrew Lyght and provides new scholarship contextualizing Lyght’s work within the history and culture of Guyana and modern art.

This is a venture into the departures, encounters, discoveries, and transgressions that inform Andrew Lyght’s artistic practice and life. While living and working for deca...(Read More)
The Worlds of the Seventeenth-Century Hudson Valley
The Worlds of the Seventeenth-Century Hudson Valley (June 2014)
Jaap Jacobs - Editor
L. H. Roper - Editor

Essays by eleven prominent scholars provide the latest insights into the seventeenth-century history of the Hudson Valley and its environs.
This book provides an in-depth introduction to the issues involved in the expansion of European interests to the Hudson River Valley, the cultural interaction that took place there, and the colonization of the region. Written in accessible language by leading scholars, these essays incorporat...(Read More)
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