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The Musical, Second Edition
The Musical, Second Edition (January 2022)
A Concise History
Kurt Gänzl - Author
Jamie Findlay - Author

A complete introduction to musical theater from its roots in the eighteenth century through today, written by a master historian.

The Musical, Second Edition, introduces students and general readers to the entire scope of the history of musical theater, from eighteenth-century ballad operas to nineteenth-century operettas, to the Golden Age of Broadway to today. In this comp...(Read More)
Gilbert and Sullivan
Gilbert and Sullivan (October 2021)
The Players and the Plays
Kurt Gänzl - Author

Highlights the original cast members—both the well-known and the (until now) wholly unknown—who staged the duo's comic operas in Britain and in America.

In this, the first book to focus on the original cast members of the classic Gilbert and Sullivan comic operas, world-renowned musical theater expert Kurt Gänzl provides a concise history of the writing and production of each oper...(Read More)
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