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The Crusades
The Crusades (January 2003)
Other Experiences, Alternate Perspectives: Selected Proceedings from the 32nd Annual CEMERS Conference
Khalil I. Semaan - Editor

Examines the effects of the Crusades from a variety of perspectives.

The Crusades examines how the Crusades affected peoples and terrains; agriculture, art, and archeology; military and urban architecture; literature and music; and the attitudes of the Christian West towards the Muslim East and vice versa. In researching it, a work in progress even today, it is imperative to keep in mind the fact that one...(Read More)
Islam and the Medieval West
Islam and the Medieval West (June 1979)
Aspects of Intercultural Relations
Khalil I. Semaan - Editor

Six internationally known scholars focus on such important cultural activities of the Middle Ages as education, scholastic theology, pharmacology, international trade, the Clunia Holy War against Islam, and the movement of ideas from East to West. Contributors who first submitted these papers at the Ninth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies at SUNY Binghamton include: George Makdisi, Claude Cahen, J. Va...(Read More)
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