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Jewish Philosophy in a Secular Age
Jewish Philosophy in a Secular Age (January 1990)
Kenneth Seeskin - Author

"It addresses central questions in classic and current Jewish religious thought--analyzes them in an obviously erudite, unpretentious, even elegant manner, solidly derived from the classic texts of general and religious literature--and thus produces a constructive 'relevant' philosophical theology that is very likely to be of concern not only to Jewish thinkers but, as a paradigm, to any thoughtful person." -- Steven S. Schwarzchild, Washington Univ...(Read More)
Dialogue and Discovery
Dialogue and Discovery (January 1987)
A Study in Socratic Method
Kenneth Seeskin - Author

This book examines the Socratic method of elenchus or refutation. Refutation by its very nature is a conflict which in the hands of Plato becomes high drama. The continuing conversation in which it occurs is more a test of character than of intellect. Dialogue and Discovery shows that, in his conversations, Socrates seeks to define moral qualities--moral essences--with the goal of improving the soul of the respondent.

Ethics underlies ep...(Read More)
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