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Cultures of Order
Cultures of Order (October 2007)
Leadership, Language, and Social Reconstruction in Germany and Japan
Katja Weber - Author
Paul A. Kowert - Author

Examines postwar debates within Germany and Japan over how to promote domestic and regional order.

Cultures of Order explores how Germany and Japan each struggled to define an appropriate role for themselves in the postwar international order. In Germany, proponents of institutional constraint fought and generally prevailed over those who stressed national rights. This pattern continued even as Germany achie...(Read More)
Hierarchy amidst Anarchy
Hierarchy amidst Anarchy (August 2000)
Transaction Costs and Institutional Choice
Katja Weber - Author

Analyzes the underlying basis for state participation in cooperative international structures.

Hierarchy amidst Anarchy is a study of state security provisions, explaining not only why states cooperate, and with whom, but also why they choose the specific types of cooperation they do. In contrast to competing theories that explain international cooperation in terms of the desire to be "bigger" or "stronger", Weber insists that ...(Read More)
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