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Conceiving Identities
Conceiving Identities (November 2013)
Maternity in Medieval Muslim Discourse and Practice
Kathryn M. Kueny - Author

FINALIST - 2014 American Academy of Religion Book Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion, in the textual studies category

Explores how medieval Muslim theologians constructed a female gender identity based on an ideal of maternity and how women contested it.

Conceiving Identities explores how medieval Muslim theologians appropriate a woman’s reproductive power to c...(Read More)
The Rhetoric of Sobriety
The Rhetoric of Sobriety (August 2001)
Wine in Early Islam
Kathryn M. Kueny - Author

Explains the prohibition of alcohol in Islam using a wide range of materials from the early Islamic period.

Why does Islam condemn wine and other alcoholic beverages? The complexity behind this simple question is examined in The Rhetoric of Sobriety. Drawing on an array of revelatory, legal, historical, and exegetical materials (both Sunni and Shi'ite) from the early Islamic period, and contrasting them wi...(Read More)
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