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Buddhist Feminisms and Femininities
Buddhist Feminisms and Femininities (January 2019)
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Editor

Adds new voices to the feminist conversation and brings a rich variety of diverse approaches to Buddhist women’s identities, “the feminine,” and Buddhist feminism.

Silver Medalist, 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Religion (Eastern/Western) Category

This groundbreaking book explores Buddhist thought and culture, from multiple Buddhist perspectives, as s...(Read More)
Eminent Buddhist Women
Eminent Buddhist Women (September 2014)
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Editor

Explores the exemplary legacy of Buddhist women across the centuries and across the Buddhist world.

Eminent Buddhist Women reveals the exemplary legacy of Buddhist women through the centuries. Despite the Buddha’s own egalitarian values, Buddhism as a religion has been dominated by men for more than two thousand years. With few exceptions, the achievements of Buddhist women have remained hidden or i...(Read More)
Into the Jaws of Yama, Lord of Death
Into the Jaws of Yama, Lord of Death (July 2006)
Buddhism, Bioethics, and Death
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Author

A fascinating look at Buddhist, especially Tibetan, views of death and their implications for a Buddhist bioethics.

This book explores the Buddhist view of death and its implications for contemporary bioethics. Writing primarily from within the Tibetan tradition, author Karma Lekshe Tsomo discusses Buddhist notions of human consciousness and personal identity and how these figure in the Buddhist view of death. Be...(Read More)
Buddhist Women and Social Justice
Buddhist Women and Social Justice (October 2004)
Ideals, Challenges, and Achievements
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Editor

Looks at Buddhist women's activism for social change from the time of Buddha to the present day.

This book on engaged Buddhism focuses on women working for social justice in a wide range of Buddhist traditions and societies. Contributors document attempts to actualize Buddhism’s liberating ideals of personal growth and social transformation. Dealing with issues such as human rights, gender-based violence, prostitu...(Read More)
Buddhist Women Across Cultures
Buddhist Women Across Cultures (April 1999)
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Editor

Illuminates the lives and thought of women in Buddhist cultures, integrating them more fully into the feminist conversation.

"The topics of women and feminist interpretation have become very important in many academic fields in the humanities and social sciences. Buddhist studies is no exception. Indeed, the feminine, women, sexuality, and gender have virtually become a subfield in Buddhist studies. So, the topic of thi...(Read More)
Sisters in Solitude
Sisters in Solitude (November 1996)
Two Traditions of Buddhist Monastic Ethics for Women. A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese Dharmagupta and the Tibetan Mulasarvastivada Bhiksuni Pratimoksa Sutras
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Author

Provides the first English translation of the Tibetan and Chinese texts on monastic discipline for Buddhist nuns and presents a comparative study of the two texts. An important contribution for studies of women’s history, feminist philosophy, women’s studies, women in religion, and feminist ethics.

“A study of nuns’ ethics is important in itself and is important to Buddhist studies, Asian ...(Read More)
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