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An Islamic Philosophy of Virtuous Religions
An Islamic Philosophy of Virtuous Religions (February 2006)
Introducing Alfarabi
Joshua Parens - Author

Explores the approach to peaceful religious coexistence offered by Alfarabi, the greatest Islamic political philosopher.

Joshua Parens provides an introduction to the thought of Alfarabi, a tenth-century Muslim political philosopher whose writings are particularly relevant today. Parens focuses on Alfarabi’s Attainment of Happiness, in which he envisions the kind of government ...(Read More)
Metaphysics as Rhetoric
Metaphysics as Rhetoric (September 1995)
Alfarabi's Summary of Plato's "Laws"
Joshua Parens - Author

Parens argues that Alfarabi, the tenth-century Muslim philosopher, demonstrated that Plato is not the originator of Western metaphysics, and that what appears to be Plato's metaphysics was intended as a rhetorical defense of his politics.
"Parens's scholarship is sound, persuasive, utterly interesting, and compelling. In many ways, this book may even be described as pathbreaking. The breadth of the author's reading in the history of philo...(Read More)
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