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Psychoanalysis at the Limit
Psychoanalysis at the Limit (May 2004)
Epistemology, Mind, and the Question of Science
Jon Mills - Editor

Examines the question of science, epistemology, and unconscious experience in psychoanalytic theory and practice.

Psychoanalysis has long been charged as being a pseudoscience. This timely book explores and reexamines the nature of psychoanalysis within contemporary debates about science, epistemology, unconscious experience, and the philosophy of mind. Distinguished scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds...(Read More)
Rereading Freud
Rereading Freud (April 2004)
Psychoanalysis through Philosophy
Jon Mills - Editor

Continental philosophers examine Freud's metapsychology.

Rereading Freud
assembles eminent philosophical scholars and clinical practitioners from continental, pragmatic, feminist, and psychoanalytic paradigms to examine Freud's metapsychology. Fundamentally distorted and misinterpreted by generations of English speaking commentators, Freud's theories are frequently misunderstood within psychoanalysis today. This bo...(Read More)
The Unconscious Abyss
The Unconscious Abyss (August 2002)
Hegel's Anticipation of Psychoanalysis
Jon Mills - Author

The first extended treatment of Hegel’s theory of the unconscious and his anticipation of Freud.

Offering the first comprehensive examination of Hegel’s theory of the unconscious abyss, Jon Mills rectifies a much neglected area of Hegel scholarship. Mills shows that the unconscious is the foundation for conscious and self-conscious life and is responsible for the normative and pathological forces that fu...(Read More)
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