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Bearing Witness to Epiphany
Bearing Witness to Epiphany (January 2009)
Persons, Things, and the Nature of Erotic Life
John Russon - Author

Makes the novel argument that erotic life is the real sphere of human freedom.

In this probing sequel to the popular and award-winning Human Experience, John Russon asks, “What is it to be a person?” The answer: the key to our humanity lies in our sexuality, where we experience the freedom to shape identities creatively in cooperation with another. With grace and philosophical rigor, Russon shows ...(Read More)
Human Experience
Human Experience (August 2003)
Philosophy, Neurosis, and the Elements of Everyday Life
John Russon - Author

Co-winner of the Canadian Philosophical Association’s 2005 Biennial Book Prize for the best philosophy book published in English

Proposes that philosophy is the proper cure for neurosis.

John Russon's Human Experience draws on central concepts of contemporary European philosophy to develop a novel analysis of the human psyche. Beginning with a study of the nature of perceptio...(Read More)
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