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Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy V
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy V (August 1992)
Aristotle's Ontology
Anthony Preus - Editor
John P. Anton - Editor

"I like both the variety of topics treated and the generally sophisticated level at which they are discussed. There is no 'party' line here; just a group of scholars setting out their thoughts on various aspects of Aristotelian logic, metaphysics, and psychology. They show sound awareness of the current literature on the topic in question, treat the texts of Aristotle with understanding, and often come up with interpretations which succeed either ...(Read More)
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy IV
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy IV (August 1991)
Aristotle's Ethics
John P. Anton - Editor
Anthony Preus - Editor

"This is a polyphonic discussion of issues which is sophisticated and scholarly without being esoteric and technical. It enhances one's understanding of Aristotle's ethics and also sharpens one's awareness of the challenging problems of interpretation and ensuing controversies. There is a revival of the ethics of character whose representative par excellence is Aristotle." -- Dr. Constantine Georgiadis, McMaster University

"Each of the eass...(Read More)
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy III
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy III (July 1989)
John P. Anton - Editor
Anthony Preus - Editor

The Plato who emerges from these essays is the seminal thinker, the profound philosopher, the master of dialectic who offers, together with his insights into reality and human values, a systematically developed set of powerful devices for the articulation and defence of his ideas. In each case the discussion unfolds not as advocacy of Platonic doctrines but as critical assessment of argument, and is meant as judicious explication of the logical for...(Read More)
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy II
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy II (June 1984)
John P. Anton - Editor
Anthony Preus - Editor

Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Volume Two, reflects the refinements in scholarship and philosophical analysis that have impacted classical philosophy in recent years. It is a selection of the best papers presented at the annual meetings of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy during the last decade. The papers presented indicate a shift in accent from a predominant preference for the application of linguistic methods in the study of t...(Read More)
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy I
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy I (June 1971)
John P. Anton - Editor
George L. Kustas - Editor

The essays in this volume treat a wide variety of fundamental topics and problems in ancient Greek philosophy. The scope of the section on pre-Socratic thought ranges over the views which these thinkers have on such areas of concern as religion, natural philosophy and science, cosmic periods, the nature of elements, theory of names, the concept of plurality, and the philosophy of mind.

The papers dealing with the Platonic dialogues examine w...(Read More)
Foundations of Knowledge
Foundations of Knowledge (June 1968)
E.P. Papanoutsos - Author
John P. Anton - Editor/translator

“The inquiry into the foundations of knowledge is a systematic inquiry into the problem of truth. This problem constitutes one of the three main concerns of philosophical analysis, the others being the problem of beauty and the problem of goodness.” Thus Evangelos P. Papanoutsos, Greece’s leading contemporary philosopher, introduces this third book of his “Trilogy of the Mind.” The first two volumes covered aesth...(Read More)
Naturalism and Historical Understanding
Naturalism and Historical Understanding (June 1967)
Essays on the Philosophy of John Herman Randall, Jr.
John P. Anton - Editor

As philosopher, historian, and teacher, John Herman Randall, Jr. is world-renowned and universally respected. In more than fifty years of study he has probed Western thought inclusively from the early Greeks, Aristotle and the Peripatetics through contemporary European and American philosophers. Currently, Professor Randall is conducting his scholarly research at the University of Padua and the Columbia-Padua Institute, a society which he helped fou...(Read More)
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