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Mediation (June 2004)
Positive Conflict Management
John Michael Haynes - Author
Gretchen L. Haynes - Author
Larry Sun Fong - Author

Takes mediation beyond the family arena into a broader context.

This mediation how-to manual brings together the collective wisdom of two of the field's most renowned founders, John Michael Haynes and Larry Sun Fong. The book not only covers a range of mediation cases, but also uniquely provides feedback from the clients as they reflect on the sessions and report on what worked best for them.

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The Fundamentals of Family Mediation
The Fundamentals of Family Mediation (May 1994)
John Michael Haynes - Author

Although there are a number of mediation books, none provide a step-by-step description of each stage in the process. This book, designed as a mediator's handbook, can be used by the practicing mediator to solve almost any problem. It can also be used by trainers to provide more basic information to trainee mediators, thus allowing them more time for practicing the skill in training. The book will also be of interest to students and practitioners ...(Read More)
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