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The Best Kind of College
The Best Kind of College (September 2015)
An Insiders' Guide to America's Small Liberal Arts Colleges
Susan McWilliams - Editor
John E. Seery - Editor

Small college professors from across the United States explain why liberal arts institutions remain the gold standard for higher education.

The fevered controversy over America’s educational future isn’t simply academic; those who have proposed sweeping reforms include government officials, politicians, foundation officers, think-tank researchers, journalists, media pundits, and university administra...(Read More)
America Goes to College
America Goes to College (November 2002)
Political Theory for the Liberal Arts
John E. Seery - Author

Extols the virtue of small liberal arts colleges and the liberal arts tradition.

A rallying cry on behalf of a distinctly American institution of higher learning—the small liberal arts college—America Goes to College combines broad-based scholarship with personal narrative and reflection. In a highly entertaining manner, John E. Seery showcases the precarious successes of a well-rounded liberal arts c...(Read More)
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