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Transforming the Curriculum
Transforming the Curriculum (October 1991)
Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies
Johnnella E. Butler - Editor
John C. Walter - Editor

"This book represents a new vision of curricular change in higher education and presents the theoretical and practical bases for accomplishing it. It bridges the gap between women's studies and ethnic studies, two interdisciplinary bodies of knowledge that have provided significant and important pedagogical innovations in the academy; the dialogue between these two fields has the potential to guide thinking about curricular change for faculty in al...(Read More)
The Harlem Fox
The Harlem Fox (December 1988)
J. Raymond Jones and Tammany, 1920-1970
John C. Walter - Author

"I became fascinated with the political career of J. Raymond Jones. The book contains important inside information on Black politics in New York. I gained new insights into Jones's role in the promotion of political careers of individuals such as Adam Clayton Powell and Constance Baker Motley. This book provides the first opportunity for researchers on ethnic politics to compare the factors central to the shaping of the political careers of Black po...(Read More)
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