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Appreciating the Chinese Difference
Appreciating the Chinese Difference (September 2018)
Engaging Roger T. Ames on Methods, Issues, and Roles
Jim Behuniak Jr. - Editor

A wide-ranging exploration and critical assessment of the work of a major figure in Chinese and comparative philosophy.

In this volume, prominent philosophers working in Chinese thought and related areas critically reflect upon the work of Roger T. Ames, one of the most significant contemporary figures working in the field of Chinese philosophy. Through his decades of collaborative work in comparative methodology and cross-cultural i...(Read More)
Mencius on Becoming Human
Mencius on Becoming Human (November 2004)
Jim Behuniak Jr. - Author

A new interpretation of the Confucian classic, the Mencius, based on both traditional sources and newly discovered documents.

Using current research from traditional sources and newly unearthed documents dating from the Warring States period (403–221 B.C.E.), Mencius on Becoming Human offers a timely interpretation of a central text in the Confucian canon. The author carefully reconstructs the philosop...(Read More)
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