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Ethics and Selfhood
Ethics and Selfhood (July 2003)
Alterity and the Phenomenology of Obligation
James R. Mensch - Author

Argues that a coherent theory of ethics requires an account of selfhood.

According to James R. Mensch, a minimal requirement for ethics is that of guarding against genocide. In deciding which races are to live and which to die, genocide takes up a standpoint outside of humanity. To guard against this, Mensch argues that we must attain the critical distance required for ethical judgment without assuming a superhuman po...(Read More)
After Modernity
After Modernity (July 1996)
Husserlian Reflections on a Philosophical Tradition
James R. Mensch - Author

Offers an alternative to the modern foundationalist paradigm, based in Husserl's analysis of temporality, that shows how the passing of modernity provides an opening for doing metaphysics in a new nonfoundationalist manner.

This book provides an important new answer to the much-discussed question of the nature and possibility of philosophy following the collapse of the modern foundationalist paradigm. Mensch offers an a...(Read More)
Intersubjectivity and Transcendental Idealism
Intersubjectivity and Transcendental Idealism (July 1988)
James R. Mensch - Author

The threat of solipcism nagged Husserl. The question of the status of others occupied him during the last years of his life and remained a question that seemed to challenge the foundation of his life's work. This book offers new answers to this persistent philosophical question by defining the question in specifically Husserlian terms and by means of a careful examination of Husserl's later texts, including the unpublished Nachlass.

...(Read More)
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