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The Structures of Love
The Structures of Love (April 2012)
Art and Politics beyond the Transference
James Penney - Author

Reframes the terms of cultural analysis with a fresh take on transference theory in Freud and Lacan and a critical engagement with the philosophy of Alain Badiou.

Both Freud and Lacan defined the transference as the ego’s last stand—its final desperate attempt to keep the truth of the unconscious at bay. Both also viewed the transference as a social phenomenon.

In The Stru...(Read More)
The World of Perversion
The World of Perversion (July 2006)
Psychoanalysis and the Impossible Absolute of Desire
James Penney - Author

An original critique of queer theory, from a psychoanalytic perspective.

In The World of Perversion,
James Penney argues that antihomophobic criticism has nothing to lose—and indeed everything to gain—by reclaiming the psychoanalytic concept of perversion as psychic structure. Analyzing the antagonism between psychoanalytic approaches to perversion and those inspired by the work of Michel Foucault, Penney e...(Read More)
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