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Anti-Racist Scholarship
Anti-Racist Scholarship (March 2002)
An Advocacy
James Joseph Scheurich - Editor

Offers discussion and examples of how white scholars can use anti-racist scholarship as part of the long-term civil rights struggle to create real equality in the United States.

Most would agree that racism is a moral and spiritual violation of the human spirit and the human community and one of the most destructive social problems in the United States. In this thought-provoking and challenging book, Scheurich contend...(Read More)
The Knowledge Base in Educational Administration
The Knowledge Base in Educational Administration (July 1995)
Multiple Perspectives
Robert Donmoyer - Editor
Michael Imber - Editor
James Joseph Scheurich - Editor

This anthology summarizes and critiques the current knowledge base in the field of educational administration.
For scholars and practitioners who are interested in or are concerned about knowledge-based issues, this book provides a needed antidote to narrow discussions of foundational issues.
The editors of this book maintain that discussions of a knowledge base in educational administration have typically been limited to a fairly tra...(Read More)
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