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Fit to Teach
Fit to Teach (November 2004)
Same-Sex Desire, Gender, and School Work in the Twentieth Century
Jackie M. Blount - Author

Honorable Mention, 2006 Outstanding Book Award presented by the History of Education Society

Winner of the 2005 Critics’ Choice Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association

Examines the construction of gender in public school employment.

Jackie M. Blount offers a history of school workers in the United States ...(Read More)
Destined to Rule the Schools
Destined to Rule the Schools (April 1998)
Women and the Superintendency, 1873-1995
Jackie M. Blount - Author

1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

Tells the story of women and school leadership in America from the common school era to the present. Offers an historical account of how teaching became women's work and the school superintendency men's.

In 1909, when she became the superintendent of the Chicago schools, Ella Flagg Young proclaimed that women were "destined...(Read More)
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