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Nuclear Madness
Nuclear Madness (February 1991)
Religion and the Psychology of the Nuclear Age
Ira Chernus - Author

"Chernus has energetically and imaginatively answered the challenge to scholars of religion to make the nuclear age a central focus of their research and reflection. Chernus's work does that, and has the additional benefit of demonstrating the need to do that in a way that integrates social science approaches with more traditional phenomenology of religion approaches." --H. John McDargh, Boston College

This book builds on Robe...(Read More)
A Shuddering Dawn
A Shuddering Dawn (August 1989)
Religious Studies and the Nuclear Age
Ira Chernus - Editor
Edward T. Linenthal - Editor

Exploring the symbolic meanings of the Bomb, this book excavates the "depth dimension" of the nuclear age. Rather than adding to the many ethical commentaries asking whether or not there should be nuclear weapons, the authors ask why there are nuclear weapons and a continuing arms race. They also address the kinds of symbolic changes that must occur in order to reverse the build-up of nuclear weapons.

The authors approach these questi...(Read More)
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