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Community Action for School Reform
Community Action for School Reform (August 2003)
Howell S. Baum - Author

Presents an innovative community approach to educational improvement.

Community Action for School Reform
tells the story of a partnership between Baltimore community activists and a university as they created an organization to improve neighborhood schools. The book examines the challenges they faced, such as persuading community members that they had the necessary knowledge to do something about the schools, startin...(Read More)
The Organization of Hope
The Organization of Hope (January 1997)
Communities Planning Themselves
Howell S. Baum - Author

Analyzes the future of urban communities and presents models for community planning, taking into account different classes, ethnicities, and cultures.

The Organization of Hope tells the stories of a Jewish community and a white ethnic community as they plan for their futures. Though they differ in class, ethnicity, and culture, they struggle with the same questions: What identity will hold their communities toge...(Read More)
Organizational Membership
Organizational Membership (August 1990)
Personal Development in the Workplace
Howell S. Baum - Author

"This is an innovative integration of psychoanalytic theory, sociology of organizations, and consultation that goes beyond sociology, psychoanalysis, industrial psychology and career studies to undergird all of them with a more complex and sophisticated conceptualization focused on career choice and career development. Not many 'how to' books offer a solid theoretical base; not many theoretical books offer modes of ready application. This book does ...(Read More)
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