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Engagement and Indifference
Engagement and Indifference (November 2000)
Beckett and the Political
Henry Sussman - Editor
Christopher Devenney - Editor

Explores the hidden political and ethical dimensions of the work of Samuel Beckett, an author who might otherwise be considered indifferent to such considerations.

In this book, creative writers and critical theorists consider the work of Samuel Beckett from theoretical, postmodern, aesthetic, poetic, and feminist perspectives. Collectively, they search for the hidden political and ethical dimensions of Beckett, an auth...(Read More)
Psyche and Text
Psyche and Text (August 1993)
The Sublime and the Grandiose in Literature, Psychopathology, and Culture
Henry Sussman - Author

Sussman here explores the relevance and value of object-relations theory to literature and literary studies. His study of character treats literature as a medium in which important relationships to conceptualized others--artifacts, mentors, activities, and schools of thought--are being worked through. Although rooted in the psychoanalytical model, this book is ultimately a study of character and of the conditions of subjectivity and intellectual w...(Read More)
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