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Identity Papers
Identity Papers (December 2011)
Contemporary Narratives of American Jewishness
Helene Meyers - Author

Argues that debates about Jewish identity and assimilation are signs of creative potential rather than crisis.

Identity Papers argues that contemporary Jewish American literature revises our understanding of Jewishness and Jewish difference. Moving beyond the reductive labeling of texts and authors as “too Jewish” or “not Jewish enough,” and focusing instead on narratives that port...(Read More)
Femicidal Fears
Femicidal Fears (October 2001)
Narratives of the Female Gothic Experience
Helene Meyers - Author

Argues that contemporary female Gothic novels of death can, in fact, breathe new life into feminist debates about victimization, essentialism, agency, and the body.

In Femicidal Fears,
Helene Meyers examines contemporary femicidal plots—plots in which women are killed or fear for their lives—to argue that these female Gothic novels of death actually bring the nuances of feminist thought to life. Through her...(Read More)
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