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Reeducating the Educator
Reeducating the Educator (November 2001)
Global Perspectives on Community Building
Helen Christiansen - Editor
S. Ramadevi - Editor

A comparative look at the professional development of teachers and teacher educators.

Reeducating the Educator focuses on community building within teacher education programs in Canada, Israel, Australia, and the United States. Maintaining that communities have to be built and sustained, the contributors discuss possible theoretical frameworks underlying community building and change and suggest that there is a need for teacher ...(Read More)
Recreating Relationships
Recreating Relationships (February 1997)
Collaboration and Educational Reform
Helen Christiansen - Editor
Linda Goulet - Editor
Caroline Krentz - Editor
Mhairi Maeers - Editor

Focuses on two major themes: the imporvement of teaching practice through collaborative research, and reflection on the process of collaboration itself to understand its role in educational change.

The efforts of collaborative inquiry and community building in education are described by exploring a multitude of collaborative experiences in educational settings. The authors reflect upon many types of collaborative experi...(Read More)
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