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When the Marching Stopped
When the Marching Stopped (July 1988)
The Politics of Civil Rights Regulatory Agencies
Hanes Walton Jr. - Author

This book takes the "next step" in the study of the civil rights movement in the United States. To date, the vast majority of books on the civil rights movement have analyzed either the origins and philosophies, or the strategies and tactics of the movement. When the Marching Stopped is the first comprehensive and systematic study of the various civil rights regulatory agencies created under Titles VI and VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. ...(Read More)
Invisible Politics
Invisible Politics (June 1985)
Black Political Behavior
Hanes Walton Jr. - Author

With a view that behavioralism has distorted perceptions of black political activity, Hanes Walton, Jr., here reformulates the assumptions of behavioralism to arrive at a more realistic understanding of the political actions of black Americans. Considering the cultural and historical events that have shaped black lives, Walton examines voting patterns, socialization, and the development of political opinion. his analysis of leadership includes not o...(Read More)
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