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Essays on Hegel's Logic
Essays on Hegel's Logic (July 1990)
George di Giovanni - Editor

This book, covering all aspects of Hegel's logic, raises fundamental issues as well as particular problems of interpretation. It discusses whether a speculative logic is possible at all and whether Hegelian logic requires a metalogic or whether it can and ought to make an absolute beginning. It examines, conceptually and historically, the being-nothing dialectic, the relation of essence to show (Schein), and Hegel's treatment of the ...(Read More)
Between Kant and Hegel
Between Kant and Hegel (June 1985)
Texts in the Development of Post-Kantian Idealism
George di Giovanni - Translated and annotated by
H. S. Harris - Translated and annotated by

This volume fills an important gap in the philosophical literature by providing an anthology of writings from the crucial generation of thinkers between Kant and Hegel. An introductory essay by di Giovanni fits these authors and their work into the context of the general reception of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.

Between Kant and Hegel includes a translation of the only significant reviews by Hegel in t...(Read More)
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