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Late to Class
Late to Class (April 2007)
Social Class and Schooling in the New Economy
Jane A. Van Galen - Editor
George W. Noblit - Editor
Michael W. Apple - Foreword by

2007 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

Looks at the educational experiences of poor, working class, and middle class students against the backdrop of complicated class stratification in a shifting global economy.

Late to Class presents theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical perspectives on social class and schooling in the United States. Grounding their analyses at the intersections of c...(Read More)
The Social Construction of Virtue
The Social Construction of Virtue (September 1996)
The Moral Life of Schools
George W. Noblit - Author
Van O. Dempsey - Author

Examines how schools function as agents and transmitters of moral life in communities.

It's time to face an inevitable conclusion: School reform does not reform schools. That's because reform movements conceive of schools as being about transmitting knowledge. Yet, schools are not primarily about knowledge. They are about the construction of meaning and morality in the lives of students and communities. In this book, th...(Read More)
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