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Spiridion (May 2015)
George Sand - Author
Patricia J. F. Worth - Translator

An abbot’s ghost searches for an intelligent monk to exhume his manuscript from a hellish crypt and learn the truth that monks lack two things: freedom of inquiry and benevolence.

Both Gothic and philosophical, Spiridion tells the story of a young novice, Angel, who finds himself cruelly ostracized by his monastic superiors and terrified by the ghostly visits of his monastery’s founder, the ab...(Read More)
Valvedre (March 2007)
George Sand - Author
Francoise Massardier-Kenney - Translation and introduction by

The first English translation of one of George Sand’s major novels.

An astonishingly modern novel, George Sand’s Valvèdre questions traditional Romantic representations of women and exposes the disastrous consequences such notions of femininity have for both male and female characters at a time when divorce was illegal. This first English translation by Françoise Massardier-Kenney s...(Read More)
The Devil's Pool and Other Stories
The Devil's Pool and Other Stories (July 2004)
George Sand - Author
A. M. Blackmore - Translator
E. H. Blackmore - Translator
Francine Giguere - Translator

A new translation of Sand's most popular novella, known for its brevity, liveliness, and exemplary storytelling, together with two of Sand's most admired short stories.

Newly translated into English, "The Devil's Pool" is the most popular of George Sand's novellas and her best-selling work in France today. Illustrating Sand's brevity, liveliness, and exemplary storytelling, the tale deals with many of her char...(Read More)
Five Comedies
Five Comedies (April 2003)
George Sand - Author
E. H. Blackmore - Translator
A. M. Blackmore - Translator
Francine Giguere - Translator

Two full-length and three one-act plays, translated here for the first time into English.

Best known as a novelist, George Sand (1804–1876) was also arguably the most successful woman dramatist in history. More than twenty of her plays were staged in major Paris theaters to widespread popular and critical acclaim. Translated here for the first time into English are her two most famous full-length comedies, The Ma...(Read More)
Story of My Life
Story of My Life (July 1991)
The Autobiography of George Sand
George Sand - Author
Thelma Jurgrau - Editor/translator

"George Sand's Story of My Life is much more than the autobiography of an extraordinary woman, although it is surely also that. It is the story of a century of French history as lived through the experiences and fates of three generations, the tumultuous history of the birth of modern France and the transformation of a society.

"The translation of Sand's Story is excellent. Coordinated by Thelma Jurgrau...(Read More)
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