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The Book in the Islamic World
The Book in the Islamic World (July 1995)
The Written Word and Communication in the Middle East
George N. Atiyeh - Editor

This book explores Muslims' conception of themselves as "the people of the book" and explains the multifaceted meanings of this concept. Published jointly with the Library of Congress, it is an illustrated history of the book and the written word in the Islamic world.
"The scholarship is sound, persuasive, interesting, and compelling. Most attractive to me is the breadth of the book. It is pleasantly instructive, and with the various illu...(Read More)
Arab Civilization: Challenges and Responses
Arab Civilization: Challenges and Responses (July 1988)
Studies in Honor of Dr. Constantine Zurayk
George N. Atiyeh - Editor
Ibrahim M. Oweiss - Editor

This book discusses Arab history, law, philosophy, politics, and literature, analyzing the challenges and responses aroused by the interaction between Western culture and the ancient and modern Arab cultures. It offers a wealth of information on the forces that have shaped Arab civilization and on several of the major figures who have contributed to its development. Some of the outstanding contributions include a comprehensive study of Dr. Zurayk a...(Read More)
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