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Re Visioning Composition Textbooks
Re Visioning Composition Textbooks (April 1999)
Conflicts of Culture, Ideology, and Pedagogy
Xin Liu Gale - Editor
Fredric G. Gale - Editor

Explores the cultures, ideologies, traditions, and the material and political conditions that influence the writing and publishing of textbooks.

An exploration of the sometimes tenuous relationship between textbooks and the discipline of composition and rhetoric, (Re)Visioning Composition Textbooks critically scrutinizes the culture of textbooks from the vantage point of scholars and teachers. It examines a variet...(Read More)
Political Literacy
Political Literacy (February 1994)
Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Possibility of Justice
Fredric G. Gale - Author

Political Literacy confronts and responds to the question: What is required of the citizens of a democracy to ensure their individual and social rights? Exploring the rhetoric of legal interpretation, this book answers that citizens must be so educated as to have an intellectual awareness of the inherently rhetorical nature of language.

Political Literacy
explodes the myth that justice is delivered in the measured, seemingly di...(Read More)
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