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Mandalas (December 2014)
Frederick Bauman - Author

Poems that explore our place in the cosmos.

Mandalas contains twenty-seven poems exploring man’s place in the living world. Each poem is brilliantly illustrated by line drawings by Genie Wright, bringing a visual dimension to the poems.

“I know of no contemporary poet who is more grounded in a poetics of the metaphysical than Frederick Bauman. He is obviously a poet of...(Read More)
Song of Myself and Other Poems
Song of Myself and Other Poems (November 2011)
Frederick Bauman - Author

Uses new poetic forms to explore various themes such as the nature of the self and our relations with nature.

With echoes of Whitman and the Upanishads, Song of Myself explores the question of what the self is and how the development of the self is influenced by the conditions of contemporary life. Using various forms, the other poems in the collection explore man in relation—and o...(Read More)
Enneagrammatic Improvisations
Enneagrammatic Improvisations (August 2010)
Frederick Bauman - Author

The poems in this volume are experimental in nature. They came out of a study of the enneagrama symbol best described in P. D. Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous. While looking for a way to experience the laws expressed in the enneagram, Frederick Bauman devised a poetic form of nine verses of three lines each. The poems are presented in the order written and then the stanzas are rearranged in the order 9, ...(Read More)
Feral Idylls
Feral Idylls (August 2010)
Frederick Bauman - Author

In the face of suffering and death, what is life for? The poems in Feral Idylls attempt to confront this question through an exploration of the lives of animals that inhabit the natural environment in the area where the poet lives. The collection begins with a “Prelude” introducing the basic themes of the sequence. It is followed by twelve poems which use the lives of twelve animals to explore the various struggles which...(Read More)
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